All About Buying A Used car From CarChief

  • Step 01:

    In the CarChief website search bar, enter your vehicle of choice.

  • Step 02:

    When you find the vehicle you like, click on the “Get a Quote” button and submit your shipping and contact information. A sales representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

  • Step 03:

    Once your order is placed, CarChief will send a confirmation e-mail and reserve your vehicle for 48 hours. A Proforma Invoice and a Purchase Agreement valid for 02 working days will be emailed to you.

  • Step 04:

    Please remember to include a signed copy of the Proforma Invoice, the Purchase Agreement, a TT copy, and a valid Passport or a National Identity Card.

  • Step 05:

    Payment can be made via Telegraphic Transfer (TT), PayPal, or Credit Card (Visa, Master, Amex). Don’t forget to include your invoice or stock ID on your payment copy. Please share your payment or Swift Copy with us.

After Purchase Process
     1.    On payment confirmation, CarChief will make the shipping arrangements to process your vehicle to the port and forward the information to you.
     2.    CarChief will clear and arrange transportation of your vehicle to your desired destination.
     3.    CarChief will notify when your vehicle is ready for collection.
     4.    Once the process is successfully completed, the vehicle is now yours to drive away. Enjoy!

Further Information:
      1.    Always check the “ETA” (Estimated Time of Arrival) of the vehicle you’re interested in, to see how long it will take to receive the vehicle. If you need a car urgently, check our Fast                            Delivery options for vehicles delivered within 14 days!
      2.    We provide City Delivery services to the following locations*:
                  a.    Botswana – Gaborone
                  b.    Mozambique – Lomahasha
                  c.    Zambia – Lusaka, Kitwe, Chirundu
                  d.    Lesotho – Maseru
                  e.    Zimbabwe – Beitbridge, Plumtree, Harare

      3.    We also offer Inspection and insurance services to make the process convenient for you. 
           * This includes vehicle clearance from Durban Port and delivery to your city

After purchase services:

      •     For countries where inspection is legally required, Inspection date and results will be shared accordingly.

      •    The customer will be advised about the booking details of the vehicle, upon the initiation of the shipping process.

      •    Customer will be notified of the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) once the car is shipped out from Japan and when relevant documents are processed

      •    Once the due amount is made, CarChief will prepare and courier all necessary documents which are required to clear the vehicle from the Port   (documentation includes:                        Commercial invoice, Original Bill of Landing (2 original, 1 negotiable copy), export certificate, and inspection certificate (if required))

      •    If you have paid for city delivery or clearing, CarChief will arrange the clearing and transportation services to your selected destination.

      •    CarChief will notify you, when the vehicle is ready for collection at your country border.