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City Delivery in ZAMBIA

Benefits for You

Delivery From Durabn Port:

via car carrier by CBS Africa

To The Following Cities:


To Consider With City Delivery Without City Delivery
Clearing Fees INCLUSIVE Additional Costs $200-$300 (Subject to Destination)
Driving Cost INCLUSIVE Extra Costs Incurred (Possibly as much as $300)
Travel Cost No travelling cost and time incurred

Extra travelling costs and time incurred (Train/Bus/Airplane)
Losses and Damages Warranty INCLUSIVE NO COVER for damages and losses
Additional Expenses No Additional Expenses Additinoal costs Incurred (lodging, meals, etc.)
Personal Safety Reduced Risk Risk of uncertain travel conditions, accidents, etc.

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Plot 397A/6B,

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Lusaka, Zambia

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How do I find a vehicle?

If you have a specific vehicle in mind or certain criteria you want, you can use our Search or Advanced Search features to locate the vehicle on our site. If you haven't decided, you can browse our stocks by navigating to the "Vehicles for sale" section.

What do I do if the vehicle I want is not listed on your site?

If you can't find what you are looking for, email us ([email protected]) and we'll help you.

What is "14 Days Delivery"?

This is a service provided only by CarChief. Selected vehicles can be delivered within 14 days of ordering. You can search for fast delivery vehicles by navigating to the "Vehicles for Sales" section and clicking on "14 Days Delivery".

What is the CarChief Best Price Guarantee?

We guarantee to offer you the best price when you use our city delivery service to transport your vehicle from Durban to selected borders. If you are able to find a company that provides the same service for a cheaper price, we will reimburse the difference. Terms & conditions apply.

How long does it take for me to get my vehicle?

If the vehicle is marked as "14 Days delivery", you will receive your vehicle 14 days from the time you've made your payment. All other vehicles will take between 6 to 8 weeks, including clearance time.