Company Overview

Our Story

Carchief is a specialized website catering exclusively for the Southern African region.

The salient feature between us and our Japanese competitors are that we hold a large number of stocks in Durban through our associated clearing and distribution agents, which facilitates our valued customers to obtain their cars within just 14 days after making payment.

Trans World-Japan-Company

In today’s dynamic world we believe that time is money and we value our customer’s needs which acted as a catalyst in us offering this unique service to our customers which makes us the chief in online sales.

To provide high quality vehicles at an affordable price and handle the entire end to end process on behalf of the customer by having their vehicle delivered right into his territory which makes him the real chief!

- Our Mission -

Trans World-Japan-Company
  • Forward thinking, always pushing ourselves to maximize the value transferred to the customer while being a core driver in the Japanese Used Cars market.
  • Distribution point in Southern Africa is strategically located in the port city of Durban, thereby maximizing our position for the import of a range of vehicles in to the country.
  • Dedicated fleet of vehicle carriers, allowing for fast, safe and reliable delivery of your vehicle.
  • Last but not the least our loyal customers who repeat orders time after time are our biggest strength that lead us to being the Chief in the automobile industry.

To provide affordable vehicle solutions to Africa at minimum
effort to the buyer.

- Our Vision -

Chief Operating Officer

I am delighted that you have chosen to visit Our entire team is committed to our Mission and Vision as we aim to help you fulfill your wish in gaining that dream vehicle you always yearned for. We seek to exceed all of our customers' expectations by living our values each and every day.

Our price guarantee ensures that you will be not paying excess for any of the additional services offered by us; as a matter of fact we pride ourselves to be the cheapest in the market for online sales.

- Yusuke Kakimura, Chief Operating Officer -