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Frequently Asked Questions

Website and Services

If you have a specific vehicle in mind, or certain criteria you want, you can use our Search or Advanced Search features to locate the vehicle on our site. If you haven't decided, you can browse our stocks by clicking on " Stocks" page. You can also browse by brand or vehicle type.
If you can't find what you are looking for, email us and we'll help you find what you are looking for.
This is a service provided only by CarChief. Select vehicles can be delivered within 14 days of ordering. You can search for Fast Delivery vehicles through our Search/Advanced Search forms, or clicking on our Fast Delivery link.
CarChief's best price guarantee applies for transport from Durban to your selected border. If you can find a company that does it for cheaper, we'll reimburse the difference! T&C apply.
If the vehicle is marked "Fast Delivery", you will receive your vehicle 14 days from when you've made your payment. Non-"Fast Delivery" vehicles will take between 6 to 8 weeks, including clearance time.
Kama gari ni alama "Fast Delivery", utakuwa kupokea gari yako siku 14 kuanzia wakati kiunda malipo yako. Yasiyo ya "Fast Delivery" magari itachukua kati ya wiki 6 au 8, ikiwa ni pamoja muda kibali.

Ordering & Shipment

Yes, this is part of our services. We have partnered with KDG Logistics to provide you with high quality transportation services at low prices.
We deliver to the following borders
  • Zambia/Livingstone
  • Zambia/Chirundu
  • Zambia/Lusaka
  • Zambia/Ndola
  • Zambia/Kitwe
  • Zambia/Solwezi
  • Botswana/Kopfontein
  • Zimbabwe/Beitbridge
  • Zimbabwe/Harare
  • Namibia /Windhoek
  • Mozambique/Lomasha
  • Swaziland/Golela
  • DR Congo/Kasumbalesa
You also have the option to collect the car directly from our Durban agents (Select "Collect from Durban" in the price calculator).
When making your order, please select which border you would like us to deliver your vehicle to. We will coordinate with our partners to arrange delivery to the selected border. If you have selected Collect from Durban, you can email us and we can help coordinate a change of collection point.
Please refer to our "How To Buy" section for detailed instructions on how to place an order.
Our team of customer service specialists will track you shipment from point of order to point of delivery, just email us with the reference number in the email's subject header.
We currently only ship to the Durban port. We assign each shipment to our agents in Durban who will handle all local clearing and transport to your selected border. We can however make arrangements for a similar vehicle to be sourced and shipped to the port of your choosing. Please email us and we’ll be happy to assist.
No. As we assign each shipment to our agents, they will have to clear the shipment. This arrangement ensures that clearing occurs at the lowest possible prices within the shortest possible time period.

Pricing & Payments

  • FOB
    FOB stands for Free on Board, and shows the price of the unit prior to being shipped.
  • CIF
    CIF stands for Cost, Insurance, Freight, and is FOB + Insurance + Shipping.
  • ExDurban
    Price includes FOB, shipping & clearing, as well as any additional selections you've made, such as Certification, Insurance, and Inspection. Unlike CIF price, ExDurban price takes into account clearing costs from the port. This is drive away price from Durban.
  • To Your Border Price
    Includes transportation cost, clearing costs, road bond cost, and is the total price you have to pay for all services. Unlike CIF prices, this price is the ACTUAL price giving you full transparency into the true cost of the car.
We currently only accept payments through Telegraphic Transfers (TT).
At this point of time, we do not accept credit cards or LoCs.
Once you have placed your order, a CarChief representative will send you our bank details. These bank details can also be found on our website, by clicking on the Bank Details link.
Warning! Do not provide your personal or bank details to anyone other than an actual CarChief representative. When provided bank details by CarChief, it is recommended to double check the details against our website and against your invoice. You can click here to see our actual bank details.
No. Payments can only be made to the account mentioned on the website.
Yes you can, but you will be charged 20% of the total value.