Pre-owned vehicles buying tips from Carchief.

All about buying a used car from CarChief

Step 01:

Log on to the website

Step 02:

You can use the search bar on the home page to find the car you want.Once you hit search, you'll be taken to the stocks page to see the available cars. You can always use the advanced search to help narrow your results.

Remember, check out the "ETA" or Expected time of Arrival for the car you are looking at. This tells you how long it will take for you to get the car! Need a car in a hurry? Check out our Fast Delivery tab, and browse through our vehicles which can be delivered in just 14 days!!

Step 03:

Once you found what you are looking for, just click on the "Order" button and fill in your details. If you have a question about the car, click on "Inquire" and we'll answer any questions you have. Look out for the live chat, our agents are available to help you in real time!

Step 04:

Once you've placed our Order, Carchief will send you a Confirmation Email. Once you reply, the vehicle you selected will be reserved for 48 hours. Carchief will then send you a Proforma invoice and Purchase Agreement via email which is valid for 2 working days.

Step 05:

Use the Proforma and make payment via Telegraphic Transfer (TT). Remember to send us a signed copy of the Proforma Invoice, Purchase Agreement, a TT Copy and a valid Passport or National Identity Card copy.

Step 06:

Once your car arrives at the port, we'll handle the clearing and arrange for transport to your selected destination. That's right, we handle everything so there's no hassle at all!

Step 07:

Carchief will inform you that your vehicle is ready for collection. You will have to clear the vehicle at the border of your country, and then it's all yours! Congratulations, enjoy your new car!