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clearing & delivery

Clearing and Delivery

Carchief prides itself on providing value to its customers. Moving beyond providing high quality service, Carchief introduces To Your Border delivery, handling all the clearing and transportation requirements to make sure that you can get your dream care with minimal hassle.

Once you have ordered your vehicle, Carchief assigns it to our agents in Durban, who will handle all local clearing, this is why Carchief provides ExDurban Price. Then, through our partners, we transport your vehicle via car carrier to your selected border, which is why we quote you To Your Border prices. This provides you with a true reflection of the actual cost of each vehicle.

Our agents are able to clear and transport your car at the lowest rates and the fastest time. Carchief goes the extra mile to make sure that our customers are taken care of from start to finish, making us the only fully comprehensive One Stop solution for your car needs.