Services upon purchase of a vehicle from Carchief.

Services We Offer

Vehicle shipment

Upon purchase of vehicle from auction across Japan, Carchief will ship the vehicles within 2 weeks to its appointed agent in Durban. This will save the customer approximately 3 – 4 weeks of lead time compared to any other supplier. Carchief strives to deliver the vehicle within the shortest period of time.

vehicle shipment

Clearing the shipment

The Chief understands all the customers are from the neighboring countries and arranging 3rd party clearing agents is stressful. Since the cargo is assigned to our agent in Durban, they will handle all the clearing for you. The Chief offers a price guarantee on this, if you can find clearing cheaper than the price offered by the Chief the difference will be refunded. T&C Applies.

This is why Carchief quotes you Ex-Durban and To Your Border Prices, and not CIF prices, as we know that you value honesty and transparency.

clearing shipment

Transport to your nearest Border

The Chief goes the extra miles to handle the transport on your behalf. Through our partners, KDG Logistics, the Chief offers transport to the following borders: