How to choose alloy wheels for your car ?

So you decided to go for a set of alloy wheel for your car…

Have you consulted an expert on such a modification to your car ?

After all everything has pluses and minus. Alloy wheels for a car no different.

No doubt you know the advantages of going for a set of alloy wheels for your car.

Well, you might wonder… why if there are advantages in alloys, many cars come with the steel wheels ?

its CHEAP.

No other reasons. And it helps to keep the price of the car to a minimum. Thankfully, some manufacturers have it as an option when you buy the vehicle, if you need a set of alloy wheels.

Well most of us go for set of alloys because the car looks awesome with the it and we get to choose from different colours and designs too. Thats it ?

No way… since there is more air flow between the larger spokes gaps of the alloy, it has better heat dissipation when braking. It helps the break systems to have a longer lifetime.

As you may know Alloys are lighter in weight compared to the steel wheels. Hence less weight is rotating around the hub, the advantage ?

Loger life span of the Suspension. You may say hola.. wait… there is more…

Really ? Yep, it also reduces the weight of everything connected with the wheel, e.g. tyre, brakes, bearings etc..low weight n the above helps to have longer life of the suspension and also it helps the vehicle to have a better grip on the road.

Now… we know why we should go for a Alloy wheel, before you go grab your new Alloys there are few things to consider..

Larger wheels with lower profile tyre will looks awesome on the vehicle but at the expense of the comfort. It is always advisable to go for the original size of your wheel and tyre size or

But it s always advisable to approximately match the overall diameter of your original tyre and wheels through plus sizing.

For example,

a 13-in wheel fitted with 175/80R13 tyre can be upgraded to a 14-in wheel with a 185/70R14 tyre. In other words, an increase in wheel diameter by one inch has to be compensated with a 10mm wider section and one index lower aspect ratio tyre.

Plus sizing improves handling and braking by creating wider contact patches with the road surface. It also improves the appearance of the vehicle.

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