Honda Retires Civic Hybrid

Honda will officially retire the Civic Hybrid and the Natural gas models by the end of 2015, a top Honda official said.

Honda prepares for a massive product overhaul to focus more on its 10th generation Civic which is to be launched later this year.

With two new engines on the new Civic, including our first turbo engine, we are targeting class-leading fuel economy for Civic, with EPA highway fuel economy a few ticks above 40 miles per gallon

the company said in a recent statement.

In a separate statement, the company says Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid will be the top fuel-sipping model, while the Civic will focus on performance and ground handling.

The Type-R is expected in 2017 more than a year behind the entry-level models. Though the new Honda marks a return to more sporty Civic, some model-versions will still get more than 40 miles per gallon in highway driving.

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