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Busted ! 7 Car Maintenance Myths.

The vehicle you drive is one of the most loved possessions of your life, right ?

You spend your well thought and hard-earned money to buy your dream car. You tend to worry when your vehicle performance starts to dip.

One reason for the performance dip could be lowered happiness about the vehicle you drive.

When it comes to maintenance of your vehicle, many vehicle owners assume its best to trust the professionals mechanics.

After all, most mechanics know what they re doing, and all those oil changes and pricey tune-ups must be necessary… right?

In fact I have to say…you are WRONG !

There are many things most of the mechanics never disclose to you, which could cost you unnecessary money on the vehicle maintenance.

Read on to find out what vehicle maintenance myths are costing you money..

1. You should change your oil every 5000Km ?

You would say Absolutely…

This old school thought is no more valid.

Why ?

These days, you dont have to get your oil changed every 5000KM. In fact its just a waste of money, just dont take our word for it.. have a look at what the professionals have to say.

Auto expert Richard Russell explains in a Globe and Mail article that

modern oils last longer and do a much better job during their useful life. Gasoline (and diesel) is much cleaner… engines are built to much higher specs these days. Oil change intervals are much longer than they have ever been.

CBC news chimes in as well, explaining that

newer cars, advanced technology and better engine oils have prompted manufacturers to extend the range between oil changes from 5,000 to 10,000 kilometres.

Even the CAA recommends that you

change your oil according to the owners manual recommendations, and these days, that recommendation usually isnt 5,000 kilometres.

It was good in 80s to change the engine oil every 5000km but its no longer wise to run to garage every 3 months to get your oil changed.

Advancement of the technology of the motor vehicles, upgraded equipment and long lasting oil now make it possible to go much longer between oil changes.

2. Wax can remove scratches ?

The myth that waxing can remove the scratches is, False.

Scratches only can be removed by re-painting the scratched area and thickness of the new paint reduced down, to match the old paint.

The waxing of he vehicle only manages to cover the scratches for a short time and if it rains or if you wash the car, then the wax wears out. The scratches re-appears.

3. Higher octane fuel is better ?

It is reasonable to assume that high octane fuel equals better performance. Why pump your car with regular lower octane fuel when you can treat it to hight octane fuel?

This misconception is False too – studies have shown that most vehicles do well on regular octane unleaded fuel, even the ones that require premium fuel.

Using a higher octane fuel will not hurt, but it wont drastically help your cars performance either. The different between lower and higher octane fuel is that the latter has a higher octane level (91 or 92) than the former, which means that its less prone to ignition problems.

If you ve got a high-compression engine and your car actually needs high octane fuel to run properly, you ll need to pump higher-octane fuel…

Otherwis… dont bother with fancy higher octane fuel, just stick to your good old lower octane fuel!

4. You should tune up your engine very often ?

You can forget about the mandatory tune up..

Its not mandatory at all.

The reality is that most modern tune-ups consist of your mechanic replacing your air filter and spark plugs.

Older cars needed to be tuned-up very regularly to replace parts like distributor caps, rotors and points, and to keep various calibrations – like the air-fuel mixture, ignition timing, and idle adjustment – dialled in.

Nowadays… your cars computer constantly checks your vehicles components and makes adjustments as needed. The regular tune-up is a thing of the past thanks to computer-controlled engines in our vehicles.

5. Wash your car with detergents ?

Well… this is also absolutely false.

Why ?

Because dish cleaners and washing detergents does clean the car also it removes the wax and other protective coatings off the vehicle.

This will look all shiny and very clean but as the time passes it the paint stats to fade and shortens the lifetime of your car paint.

5. You need to flush the fluids very often ?

No No… You dont have to.

Many auto repair mechanics, will push you to change more often to make money off them.

You need to check the manufacturer user manuals to check how often they suggest you to change various fluids. Nowadays vehicles run on fluids that does not need to be changed for up-to 160,000 kilometres.

Good old days you had to flush the fluids very often but nowadays cars have for an example coolant fluids that runs up-to more than two years and also are closed systems which does not loose coolant over time.

As a matter of fact, manufacturers like BMW are moving into fluids that never needs to be replaced.

6. Jump start is full charge battery ?


…its false.

It usually takes hours of driving for the battery get fully charged.

You may ask, Why ?

Because power accessories such as the air conditioner, head lights draws lots of power.

Then the best solution ?

Switch off all your unnecessary power accessories such as the air conditioner and drive to the closest service station to get the battery checked if it still holds charge.

If you take it for granted.. next morning you might end up with a vehicle having the same starting problem.

7. Break oil solves it all ?


The break oil reduces a bit when the break pads wears out.

So dont just blindly believe topping up the break oil will solve the breaking issue.

Yes, if the break oil level drops to below mark you need to top it up no questions asked, but also check your spongy brakes, it can be because the break pads have worn out.

So to be in the safer side… get your entire braking system checked by the mechanics.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, smart drivers are well informed as to when they should take your priced possession to the mechanics. Well we dont mean that all the repair shop mechanics want to cheat you to get more of your hard earned money.


… its the opposite is true !

Most if not all the mechanics do a very important job and most of them do a great job in maintaining your vehicle.

Good communication with the mechanic will help you as well the mechanics to get the work done quickly, it saves time and money for both.

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