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Best used cars to look out for in 2015

Without shadow of a doubt Japanese used cars are some of the most driven cars in the planet, the reason being.

Japanese cars are renowned for being very economical and most of the popular cars are manufactured in Japan.

Japanese used cars are a great buy, because most of the Japanese used cars are always in great condition and some of them are as good as new

most importantly its very affordable too.

Now lets look at few of the cars you should watch out for in year 2015 and beyond.

Honda Civic

Honda cars are generally known as good value for money.

Specially one of Hondas flagship model Honda Civic.

It has been around since 1970s, now it is in its 10th generation and always been a great used car buy.

Honda is hitting the road of Africa quite strongly recently, not quite as versatile as Toyota and Nissan, Honda is becoming fast a house hold name.

Honda cars are generally very reliable, dependable and practical, the Honda Civic is a punchy and very economical car too.

Its a sporty, sharp and clean car.

The car propels from 0 – 60 in less than 8 seconds, while also does about 16 KMPL with city and town ride combined.

So its winner when it comes to speed and being economical.

Volkswagen Polo

Build, quality, great handling and contemporary european design polo is one of the younger generation dream about.

it is fun for go out for a ride with your friend and won cost you a lot to own one.

The car is light weight and compact, which makes full use of the 1.4 engine turbocharging with direct fuel injection, feels like its a beast behind the wheel.

Some of the model has the peddle shifting which is as if you are driving one of those manual gear shifters, it feels awesome.

Toyota Corolla

Arguably Toyota is one of the most popular vehicles in the world. Well not surprisingly it is one of the most road driven cars in Africa.

Toyota Corolla is one the flagship models of the company and is dubbed as the worlds best selling car.

Some car experts believe it is one of the safest cars to buy, the term Safest not actual the vehicle safety,

but actually in terms of design, reliable, performance and value for money.

It is not as punchy as Honda but it is not slow either, no it is not stunning as some of the cars out in the road but it is not ugly as some of the cars either.

With strong fuel economy and with a comfortable interior, Toyota Corolla is one of the cars to watch out for.

The 2015 Toyota Corolla isnt built to excite, but its sensible blend of fuel economy, features, versatility and value make it a compelling choice for typical small sedan shoppers. – Edmunds

BMW 3-Series

Mercedes-Benz C-Class – Classy Luxury Sedan

Classy car with a classy

Toyota Yaris

Suzuki Swift

Honda CRV

Nissan March

Toyota Vitz

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