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7 tips to get better mileage on fuel.

As fuel prices continues to rise.

Why spend money on them when you can spend a bit less ?

How ?

Read on… you will be amazed how easy it is..
1. Set the car tires to the proper inflation.

We, including myself tend to ignore this simple tip given by the vehicle manufacturer, when they have clearly mentioned it in the vehicle manual we get.

60% of the vehicles on the road today are under-inflated by at least 30 percent.

This can cost you about close to 10% waste of fuel.

Thats HUGE…! isnt it ?

Plus low air pressure will reduces the lifespan of a tire by about 20%.

I guess, another good reason to check your air pressure regularly.

To get the accurate air pressure checked, it is always better to check with a digital air pressure gauge.
2. Check the condition of your engine air filter.

A usual engine sucks up about 16-18 million gallons of air through the air-filter.

Did you know ?

That a dirty air-filter increases the fuel usage by about 10-15 % ? Yes it does..

If the air-filter is not cleaned, the engine will lack power and pick-up too.

If you run on a normal road change your filter once a year, you need to change it more often if you drive on a dusty road.
3. Replace the fuel filter according to the car manufacturers recommended schedule.

Always service your car at the specified time by the manufacturer because a service which was missed could cause a dirty filter, worn out fuel filter or some other issue.

Changing of the fuel filter on time can go along way to enhancing fuel efficiency.
4. Slow down… Speed kills the fuel mileage.

I know… I know… :-)

Well you might say, I have heard this 100 times before…

OK… lets look at some numbers to prove it drag speeds over 80 KPH kills your gas mileage by BOUT 20%…in fact drag speeds over 100 KPH kills the fuel mileage by about 35%… HUGE !!

Also, you need to consider, if you are doing lots of highway driving… you might reach the destination few minutes early but at cost of about USD 1000 year.

On a highway… if you have cruise control… always use it, maintain a speed of about 80 KPH.

Constant speed reduces the fuel usage so…
… It does pay off.
5. Use synthetic oil.

Well, this one is very interesting… I had some doubts too…… till I tested it out.

Guess what, if you use synthetic oil you can save up-to 5% on fuel.

Having said that, please do use the manufacturer recommendations for any oil.

Also, make sure to have the oil changed at the right interval, extended use of the vehicle without the oil change could be harmful to the engine as well as you will loose the fuel saving benefits.
6. Stop the A/C in Stop and Go city drive.

Well… i know it is hard if you live in a really hot country…

but it does help if you could off the air conditioner in stop and go city driving, it makes the engine work really hard… and vehicle will consume more fuel.

Studies have revealed few things though… in highway driving it is recommended to roll the windows up…

Why ?

Because the drag caused by the shutters open in high speeds, it reduces the fuel efficiency more than the A/C.

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