About Us

Our Vision

The journey from a dream to reality.

Our platform offers consumers from around the globe a comprehensive & easy solution for a big decision. From a simple click on the screen to the shifting of your dream car’s gear, we aim to make you the chief of your desires through our seamless evolution of virtual shopping to easy procurement.

Our Mission

Convenience, joy & prestige

Our mission is to become chief of the online automobile industry as we continuously evolve with the growing market trends for cars. We aim to ensure every expectation is exceeded through our extensive choice of listed cars & our dedicated fleet of vehicle carriers- offering a safe, fast & reliable delivery of your vehicle- thereby setting higher standards in the online & offline world.


Boasting over 25 years of experience & a record of selling over 300, 000 cars worldwide, CarChief offers you high-quality Japanese used cars for sale at the BEST bargain. We aim to assure you the best price possible as opposed to our competitors due to our ability to expedite internal clearing & delivery within our advanced infrastructure facilities.
Our guarantee is to make YOU the chief with our innovative search options from our selected range of trusted dealers’ - so YOU can discover the car of YOUR dreams- YOUR way.

CarChief Service

Vehicle Shipment


With consumer satisfaction being our core value, our dedicated fleet of carriers will ensure that your car is delivered to you as fast as possible from the time of purchase.

City Delivery


At CarChief we go the extra mile to handle the transport on your behalf. Through our logistics partners, CarChief offers transport to the following borders listed below;

Additional Services


Alongside our existing services, we also provide insurance, inspection and an exclusive CarChief Warranty.

Clearing Services


Given CarChief’s strengths in Southern African countries- we are able to provide consumers from neighboring countries assistance to clear their cars via our agents in Durban so that our customers are not hassled by stressful clearing processes. At CarChief, we offer a special value added service by providing prices inclusive of clearing services at Durban Port.

CarChief Operations


Cars Sold